The F Series


Looking for the toughest racing around, you have come to the right place!
The F-Series was created in 2010 at Raceway Park in New Jersey, our vision was to create a high level of kart racing that remains in the reach of most families and budgets. Take a look at the events and structure and compare and you will find you have choices and notice the pricing is better with us. Over the last decade this approach has been proven in a variety of ways and we are proud to say it has grown our community. We look forward to meeting you at our next event!

How it all began

The First F Series Events

The first events and years were incredible and overwhelming all wrapped in one. The incredible parts were how many people embraced the events and wanted this type of competition. The overwhelming parts came in the form of our learning curve and what it took to put on such a top notch karting event. Formula 125 was the building block that created the series, hosting events four years prior to round one of the F-Series. New Jersey raceway Park hosted the first official Gearup Challenge.

From the rules and regulations to on track activities and added fun the challenge was to keep it all running smoothly. From what the next seven to eight years have shown us it all worked out fine and those learning years really gave us the knowledge to take it to the next level!

Gearup Grew

The years after learning the ropes the program really got good as the races and excitement grew from each event. Drivers started attending from further and further outside of the region. Hosting drivers from across the country and the world gave the series substantial credibility. Another huge push came to the series as the NESKS and F Series decided to join and work together to make events even larger.

Hosting big shifter fields as well as Tag and Junior categories made the challenge very desirable for drivers and teams. Utilizing a class structure that works for fun as well as readies drivers for a career in racing cars has always given our racers multiple reasons for attending. We have stayed true to this approach and will continue on this path for the future. 


We continue to thrive

The future looks bright as we head into the the few years, despite covid and all the issues it has brought it appears the track is one place we can all go to escape the daily routine. With a huge push in almost every class we are happy to report the races and events will be filled with huge energy. Always trying to stay ahead of the sport is also leading us to a new project that we believe will reinvent the future of karting not just in our region but nationwide. 

Of course non of this could have been possible without the help of all of our wonderful staff and numerous members of our community!  Not to mention the sponsors that make this series be able to stay consistent with providing a top shelf program without making the racers pay for the extras we can bring to the table, A huge thank you goes out to them for all they have done and continue to do.

The future is bright

With an incredible year planned we look forward to great energy but also a long term future for the series. The State Championship in New Jersey continues to thrive as well and we are very confident of huge growth there. 

Always trying to stay ahead of the sport is also leading us to a new project that we believe will reinvent the future of karting not just in our region but nationwide. we are excited in releasing that information shortly . We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event and hope you will help us write the next chapter of the F-Series!